Therapy Services

Our Therapy Services

Our team of occupational therapists possess advanced training in a variety of therapeutic approaches. This dynamic skill set and knowledge base seamlessly bridges any limitations a child may be experiencing to the most impacting interventions. Using their knowledge, expertise, and experience, our staff get to the core of the challenge for a child, and develop individual treatment plans to address those issues. The following represent some of the programs and services our fully-equipped therapy center has to offer:

  • Evaluations of infants, young children, and adolescents exhibiting any degree of neurological or developmental challenge.
  • Individual 1:1 therapy sessions
  • Consultation and collaboration with schools and other healthcare professionals working with the child.
  • SI-Sensory Integration (certain staff members have SIPT certification)
  • NDT-Neurodevelopmental Treatment (certain staff members have 8-week NDT certification)
  • Therapeutic Listening© (certain staff members have TL certification)
  • D.I.R. Model–“Floortime” (certain staff members have completed certification)
  • Fine Motor/Handwriting: advanced training in treatment of fine motor, handwriting, and visual-motor integration deficits using a variety of programs including Handwriting Without Tears and Loops and Other Groups.
  • Alert program (experience implementing “How Does Your Engine Run” programs)
  • Inservice and Staff Training is available for other facilities and professionals.
What is Occupational Therapy?

In therapy the word "occupation" means purposeful activity, encompassing anything a person does with purpose or meaning—from infancy to old age. Adults focus on daily living and self-care tasks, work, money management, etc. A child’s ‘occupation’ is to gain motor skills, interact with the world around them, develop play skills, and interact socially with others. During the first few years of life a child develops foundational motor skills, the ability to effectively process sensory information from the environment, problem solving skills, and interaction with toys and other people. Older children and adolescents focus is on mastering self-care skills, academics, play-recreational activities, and complex social interaction. Occupational Therapy (OT) helps kids with any level of physical, sensory, or cognitive challenges become more proficient in carrying out daily activities. OT emphasizes the functional skills necessary to reach their maximum potential and become as independent as possible.

OT works on eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination, and fine motor coordination.
OT works on sensory processing, spatial awareness navigating the environment, and using our bodies to perform motor tasks.
OT works on strength, motor planning, and functional play skills.
OT addresses fine motor and visual-motor skills, using our hands to perform more refined manipulation, and functional self-care and activities of daily living skills.

Insurance Billing

Over the years, we have developed effective methods of advocacy and support for families dealing with insurance companies or other funding sources. Although we cannot guarantee reimbursement from an insurance company, you can be assured we will do our very best to maximize any benefits that are available.

  • In-network PPO provider with Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO and Choice Care Network
  • DSCC approved provider
  • Full insurance billing service to all insurance carriers (both in-network and out-of-network)
  • Assistance in appeals process with insurance companies
  • Visa and MasterCard accepted
  • Easy access from I-94 and I-294 with wheel chair accessible entry, and ample parking.

We are committed to remaining current on any information that may help in obtaining additional reimbursement for a family.  


“As a parent of an autistic child, I know that certain therapists have a natural talent for motivating children with autism in addition to teaching skills. I can confidently say that Brad and his team do both. The team at Progressive Pediatrics Therapy is patient, firm, kind and intuitive when working with children of all abilities. More importantly, they never use my son’s diagnosis as an excuse to limit his learning. They set the bar high and my son always meets the challenge.” 

Jill, Highland Park, IL

“Progressive Pediatrics Therapy has been a part of my daughter’s life since she was 11 months old. As the parent of a newly diagnosed baby with a physical disability, I did not know which way to turn. They were a lifeline for my family, and for our daughter. They helped at every turn and their expertise in the field of neuro-developmental treatment, made my daughter’s therapy that much more poignant and focused on her specific disability. They always made us feel like we were welcome and loved when we walked through their door. Having Progressive Pediatrics Therapy be such a special and warm environment, and one she loves to go to, really makes therapy an achievable goal for our family. I highly recommend Progressive Pediatrics Therapy to anyone faced with finding therapy for their child. The people, the environment, and the whole philosophy about therapy make it a truly special place.”

Patty, Deerfield

“My son receives Occupational Therapy from the most dedicated and supportive staff you will ever find. The services you receive will best fit your child’s needs while matching an appropriate staff member with your child. Brad Jones and his team of professionals at will do everything possible to make therapy a positive experience for your child. My son is very happy on “Occupational Therapy” days because he has fun while receiving the therapy he needs to be ready for the week ahead. Our family is very grateful that my son receives therapy at Progressive Pediatrics Therapy.”

Ann, Lake Bluff

“Progressive Pediatrics Therapy is an excellent place for my children to work on their OT issues. The professionals we work with have a high degree of expertise and are compassionate and sensitive people who really care about helping the children and their families. They’ve been a wonderful source of knowledge and support, understanding my children comprehensively, not looking solely through the lens of OT. As a parent, they have helped me better understand my child, assisted me in finding ways to improve things at home, and manage a complex insurance process. It’s a wonderful, warm, friendly and comfortable place where my children always enjoyed going. They’ve been a great addition to our circle of healthcare providers and have been a significant part of helping my children develop to their full potential.”

Beth, Deerfield