Occupational therapy for children of all ages



We're committed to meeting every child's needs with the highest quality service possible.


Progressive Pediatrics Therapy facilitates meaningful, functional growth in children and adolescents experiencing sensory, motor, and functional skill challenges.  Through exceptional services and a wholistic approach, where family and caregivers are part of the team, your child will reach their maximum potential.  Progressive Pediatrics Therapy specializes in the core services of pediatric occupational therapy: Sensory Integration, Neurodevelopment Treatment, assessment, consultation, and I.E.P. advocacy, translating into more meaningful and lasting outcomes. 


We believe each child is an individual, and treatment programs must be specifically tailored for that child. The greatest results come from a balance of interventions that are motivating, fun, and address their individual needs. Employing a variety of methodologies provides the flexibility to continuously partner with children and adapt as they progress. Family and caregiver involvement in treatment creates an opportunity to incorporate therapeutic activities and consistency in the child's day-to-day life. We believe that developing trust and rapport with a child is crucial in maximizing their progress.

Progressive Pediatrics Therapy is a team of occupational therapists. We are fortunate to have within our facility speech therapy and physical therapy as well. Follow the link below to learn more about our team, and the services within our facility.

Our clinic space

We teamed up with other therapist’s to expand our facility, and the services we can provide to our clients, and have named it the Center For Pediatric Therapy. We will continue to operate as Progressive Pediatrics Therapy and provide the same level of skill the community has come to expect since we opened in 2003.

Our new 5000 sq ft facility offers so much more space to deliver the quality therapy that we strive for. We pride ourselves in having all of the industry standard  therapy equipment to address any child’s needs, regardless of age or skill level.

We simultaneously strive to maintain a calm and organized environment conducive to building skills in a child-centered facility.