Progressive Pediatrics

Progressive Pediatrics Therapy

Progressive Pediatrics is an established, occupational Therapy center for children in the North Shore area of Chicago. The center is built on the belief that the family and the child come first, and the services provided should be the highest skill level possible. We bring many years of experience and knowledge to a calm and organized environment filled with the tools necessary to meet any child's needs. Seeing a child as part of a family and a community keeps us focused on the child as a whole and what it will take for them to reach their maximum potential.

Developing trust and rapport with a child is paramount for success with any child.


Progressive Pediatrics facilitates meaningful, functional growth in children and adolescents experiencing challenges in any aspect of development. Through exceptional services, they will reach their maximum potential in a comprehensive treatment approach that actively involves family and caregivers in the team. Progressive Pediatrics, P.C. specializes in the core services of pediatric occupational Therapy: Sensory Integration, Neurodevelopment Treatment, assessment, consultation, and I.E.P. advocacy. This translates into greater overall progress for the child.


Each child is an individual, and treatment programs must be tailored for their specific needs. Therapy should be motivating and fun for a child, while still addressing their individual needs to the fullest. A variety of methodologies provides the flexibility necessary to meet each child's individual needs. Family and caregiver involvement in treatment empowers them to incorporate therapeutic activities into the child's day-to-day life.

Therapy should be fun and motivating for a child.

What is Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics?

Initially the word "occupation" often confuses people. In Therapy it means "purposeful activity". Adults focus on daily living and self-care tasks, work, money management, etc. A child's 'occupation' is to grow, learn, do schoolwork, play, and interact socially with others. During the first few years of life a child develops foundational motor skills, feeding, problem solving, and interaction with toys and other people. Older children and adolescents are mastering self-care skills, academics, play-recreational activities, and complex social interaction. Occupational Therapy (OT) helps kids with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities to carry out daily activities. OT emphasizes the functional skills necessary to reach their maximum potential and become as independent as possible. Go here for a more comprehensive description of OT.

"Occupational" in Therapy encompasses anything a person does with purpose or meaning-from infancy to old age.